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ATC Wimbledon Racket Bracket

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Think you know who's going to shine at Wimbledon this year?

Will this be Fed's 15th Grand Slam? Will Rafa's knees fail him before defending his title? Maybe this is the year Murray makes his move? Roddick? Maybe Verdasco (man, I hope we see a lot of him on TV during this tournament!)

Let's see how the ATC folks do at picking the winner this year. Enter the ATC Racket Bracket (hosted by Tourneytopia, the same people that do Tennis Channel's Racket Bracket) and pick your winners! Entries open Friday morning and you can enter your picks all the way through Monday morning. Points will be awarded based on the round:

  • 1 point for each first round match
  • 2 points for each second round match
  • 3 points for each third round match
  • 5 points for each fourth round match
  • 10 points for each quarterfinal match
  • 20 points for each semifinal match
  • 30 points for picking the final
That's it! Let's see who can pick the winners this year!

Oh... and by the way, the MEMBER who has the highest point total might just win something from the ATC Board. (Yes, I'm being secretive because I'm not sure exactly what that prize will be!)

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atc admin

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