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Sign up for HOT7!

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Every year, around this time, we get busy with the Dallas and Houston GLTA tournaments.  Coincidentally, this is also the time of year we start working on our own HOT tournament!  The new HOT 7 site is up and running (with minimal info right now), and we have started accepting entries for our tournament in March!

Start signing up and let's get the word out!

This year, it's very very important to sign up early. This year, we are part of the GLTA Masters Series.  Masters Series award DOUBLE Champion's Race points.  Typically, Masters tournaments have a pretty big increase in attendance.  It's possible we will have to cap some of the draws this year since we're already considered a "large" tournament.  Sign up early and avoid rushing at the last minute to find entries have closed in your event!

Incidentally, if you are on Facebook, add your name to the HOT7 invite here!

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