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ATC announces 2017-18 Board

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Dear Austin Tennis Club Members:
I am excited to announce your new board of directors for 2017-2018. The results of the election are:

President - Alan Gnani
Vice President - Kevin Haynes
Treasurer - Michael McClellan
Secretary - Caleb Phillips
Communications Director - Scott Crews
Membership Director - Ricky Robinson
Social Director - Loren Coffelt
Competitive Tennis Director - Mojo Canales
Note: There were no contested races.
After serving two years as ATC President, I am thrilled with the newly elected board of directors. The new board is a mix of ATC and board veterans, and members who are newer to the club. I believe it's a perfect balance of talent, passion and experience that will help continue to move our club forward.
I also want to thank outgoing board members who are stepping down from board service including long-time Board Secretary Mike Sepulveda and Social Director Shadana Hurd. I offer a special, heartfelt thanks to outgoing Vice President Aubrey Wilkerson, who has served in many capacities on behalf of ATC including as Co-Captain of Texas Cup for several years and HOT Tournament Director.
I firmly believe our club is only as strong as the members who volunteer to lead. I am forever grateful for those I had the privilege of serving with. I encourage you to look for opportunities to serve ATC and help make our club as strong, vibrant and rewarding as it can be. We have something very special and I can't wait to see where our new board leads us.

Ted Burton
Austin Tennis Club
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